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Itsy Bitsy, a URL shortening website, founded in 2013 strives to give you the best experience with your short URL's and data monitoring. Our motto is simplicity, we think that any data monitoring should be done in a simple, yet fun way. Handwritten by a student, we now serve more than 5000 URL's and more than 2000 people go through our services daily. If you wish to be one of those people, join our alpha website now by visiting this link

what we offer


Itsy Bitsy offers you and your links a home forever. That means no disappearing links, no false visits and spot on link tracking. *This does not include links that are breaking the terms of use or abusive members.


Your short links are secure with us. Every URL is set behind an encrypted database, which means no one has access to it. Your personal data is also encrypted to the latest standards.

Ease of use

We think the only way to present you with data is the simple way. View all your short link statistics with just a couple of clicks. Sort* and view all of your links by campaign* with ease.

*Not every feature is still available, as we are in Alpha phase.